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Tea Journal


To our much loved Ovvio loyalists,

Last month we made the decision to remove refill bags from our store and online as this was not a sustainable option for our company. Our refill bags were made from compostable material – BIG TICK – but they were very expensive to produce, more expensive than our tins, yet we offered them for $4.00 less.

We were the first tea company in 2018 to offer a plastic-free compostable bag and now we think we may have found something even better and less expensive. We promised you the Refill Revolution and we will deliver.

Our packaging choices tick the following criteria (in no particular order):

  1. Preserve and keep the integrity of our tea just so.
  2. Sustainable, environmental – plastic-free and earth-friendly.
  3. Minimal waste.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.
  5. Price considerate.

In the meantime, fill up from our store (we have large black refill tins so you can purchase quantities larger than what is offered in our tins), purchase tins if you don’t already have them and await our refill solution for online coming very, very soon.

And for your patience and understanding, we would like to offer our online customers 10% off your next retail tin order THANKYOU10 (expires 15th March). My thank you gift to you.

Thank you for traveling on this journey with us.

We’re here to inspire and bring you the very best in health, now and always.

Consciously, mindfully, and transparently yours,

Anthia (founder and creator of Ovvio Tea)

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