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Anthia says yes to:

Remedies from nature.

Old-school wisdom for modern people.

Tea as medicine.

Food as medicine.

Non-toxic body, home and lifestyle products.

Minimal waste.

Whole, organic ingredients.

Ethical farming.

Supporting local producers.

Connecting paddock to plate to person.

Seasonal eating.

Cultural cuisine.

Sidestepping gimmicks and dietary fads.

Food cooked and shared with love.

Exuberant health, for life.

Being – An awareness of your inner purpose, your consciousness.

Aligning your outer expression with your inner purpose – living in flow.

Transforming fear into love.

Being open, curious and brave.

What heals you, heals the world.

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‘Anthia has changed the way I cook and eat – her clear, simple principles just make sense.’

– Martin Boetz, Chef.

Anthia Koullouros is the founder & CEO of Ovvio Organics, a naturopath, herbalist, author and educator, determined to make good health simple. Using hand-blended, certified organic teas and tisanes, liquid herbal tonics and elixirs and refreshingly honest nutrition advice, Anthia has helped clients become well and happy for over 24 years.

Her prescriptions always include thoughtfully chosen food, ethical farming, respect for cultural heritage and pure, natural enjoyment and certified organic teas, herbs, spices, cleanse programs or health workshops.

Anthia began consulting as a naturopath, herbalist and organic food, health and lifestyle educator in 1994. These beginnings inspired Ovvio and formed the basis of Anthia’s naturopathic philosophy, practice, prescriptions, teachings, writings, workshops and her range of premium organic teas. In 2004 Anthia opened Ovvio The Organic Health & Lifestyle Store and Naturopathic Clinic in a quaint Paddington terrace reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecaries and teahouses.

Today, Anthia is intent on bringing good health to the world. Proving that great nutrition and lifestyle can be a simple fact of life – embedded in the everyday. That health food is just food grown well  – with care for the soil, season, region, people and animals involved. That cooking for taste and tradition boosts nutritional value. That nature heals and herbs are our medicinal allies. That organic should be the norm, and personal products should not be riddled with potentially harmful chemicals. That tea is a simple, nourishing elixir that everyone can enjoy.

“It is my passion to educate and inspire as many people as possible to choose products and take actions that add health, happiness, peace, love, beauty and truth to their lives and the lives of others. To achieve this I help people sort through their clutter and get clear about why they are feeling the way they are, and help them overcome the confusion that many people experience when it comes to health, lifestyle and nutrition. Education is the key, debunking myths and offering clear and simple, no-nonsense, fad-free, sustainable solutions to take care of their minds and bodies. Every day I see clients to help them transition from a state of ill health to one of health (remove vitality)  and wellbeing. I also teach clients who are already in good health how to stay healthy. This is not only my job, but my calling, and I feel blessed every day to share the gift of good health”.