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Shop Cleansed & De-toxed 21 Day Spring Cleanse & Health Reset eBook 2018

21 Day Spring Cleanse & Health Reset eBook 2018

  21 Day Spring Cleanse & Health Reset eBook 2018

The Ultimate Seasonal Mind & Body Cleanse Program Supported By Clean & Restorative Wholefoods And Herbal Teas.

Each new season is your chance for a fresh start. Why cleanse seasonally? Like a deciduous tree, your body is designed to cycle. To ebb, flow and renew with the seasons. To shed periodically, and grow back - stronger and healthier than ever.

  • In spring - we push back against allergies, we shed, feel light and delight in new growth.
  • In summer - we cool, hydrate, position ourselves in excellent health before the silly season.
  • In autumn - we recover from holiday excess, we balance, consolidate and strengthen for winter.
  • In winter - we nourish immunity, boost mood and embrace quiet.

Yet, itäó»s easy to fall out of sync, disconnect from nature and lose touch with yourself. Work too much, exercise too little, eat the wrong foods and grow increasingly pale behind your computer screen. This leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as:

  • Feeling bloated, heavy and sluggish after meals.
  • Gaining weight, that wonäó»t budge.
  • An inability to put on healthy weight.
  • Seasonal allergies such as itchy eyes, hayfever and skin irritation.
  • Decreased immunity and äóÖcatching everything going aroundäó».
  • Feeling tired, flat and grumpy in the mornings.
  • Insomnia and broken sleep.
  • Anxiety, stress and overwhelmed.
  • Acne and other skin conditions.

Do any of these sound familiar? The good news is, with each new season comes the chance to reset, reconnect and restore your health. Itäó»s a beautiful feeling. Based on over 25 years of naturopathic experience and thousands of client success stories, I have created four safe, effective and easy-to-follow cleanse programs for you, for every season. No fads, no gimmicks, just the natural wisdom your body craves.

Welcome to your new seasonal ritual. In just a few short weeks of releasing toxins, mindful nutrition and daily self-care practices, you will experience the transformative power of delicious, vibrant, light and fresh nutrient dense whole foods and organic herbal cleansing teas. The program will give you the luxury of eating - yes! You wonäó»t find any extended water fasts or calorie counting diets here. Simple, real, whole foods are heartily endorsed! It can take months, years, even decades for toxins to build up enough to cause chronic symptoms and illness.

    Don't forget to get your 21 Day Spring Cleanse Tea Box to support you on your cleanse journey.ξFind out more here.

    **if you have cleansed with us before you are entitled to 20% off the eBook. Simply email us at and we will give you a discount code to use at the check out**


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