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Bowel & Liver Detox Cleanse Tea Box

  Bowel & Liver Detox Cleanse Tea Box

This Tea Box has been curated by our founder Anthia Koullouros Naturopath with over 25 years of clinical naturopathic experience.

The herbal ingredients in these tea blendsξhave traditionally beenξindicated to detox and cleanse theξresults ofξover indulgence and to aid fat lossξby supporting the bowel and liver to cleanse as well as support digestion and metabolism.

Symptoms include:ξpoor digestion, sluggishness, heaviness, constipation, liverish, nausea especially after eating fatty foods and weight gain.

The tea box contains:

NO: 73 HAPPY BOWELS ORGANIC LOOSE LEAF TEA findξoutξmore hereξDrink 2 cups upon rise or 1 cup upon rise and 1 cup after dinner.

NO: 70 D-TOX BITTERSξORGANIC LOOSE LEAF TEA ξfindξoutξmore hereξDrink 1 cup beforeξeach meal to supportξdigestion.

BONUS: NEW YEAR HEALTH REFRESHξEBOOK - 40 pages on how to reset your health for an exuberant 2019 by our founder and naturopath Anthia Koullouros.

"A new year ritual. It's easy to fall out of sync by the end of the year - disconnect from nature, lose touch with yourself, work too much, exercise too little, over indulge during the festive season and drink more than you normally would. In just a few short weeks of releasing toxins, mindful nutrition and daily self care practices, you will experience the transformative power of delicious, vibrant, light and fresh nutrient dense whole foods and organic herbal cleansing teas. Based on over 25 years of naturopathic experience and thousands of client success stories- no fads, no gimmicks, just the natural wisdom your body craves".

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