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Organic Gingerbread Latte Powder by Ovvio

  Organic Gingerbread Latte Powder by Ovvio

{ Limited Edition Seasonal Blend }

The heart & soul of the gingerbread man captured in a latte. Wrap your hands around a mug of warming ginger & cinnamon delight.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Ginger powder, Cinnamon powder, Coconut sugar.
Ginger root is traditionally used to aid nausea and travel sickness. The ginger is what gives a nice ‘spicy kick’ and a flourish of energy.

Cinnamon is traditionally used for its anti-bacterial and blood sugar regulating therapy. It helps soothe an upset stomach, warms up the constitution and is beneficial for the common cold. It also adds a little sweetness.

Coconut sugar mineral rich and low GI, a great alternative to its more refined sweet counterparts.

Organic Ingredients:
• 1 teaspoon Ovvio Organic Gingerbread Latte Powder
• 250ml warm or frothed desired milk or mylk (fresh nut or coconut milk)
• cinnamon powder to serve

1. Add Latte Powder blend to a cup.
2. Add a little hot water and stir to make a paste.
3. Add the milk and stir.
4. Dust with cinnamon and serve.

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