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Ovvio Tea Tin

  Ovvio Tea Tin

Love your Ovvio Organic Tea? Store it in it's rightful container. 

 140 x 80 x 165 mm


We first sent our tea tins to the STARS at the 87th OSCARS. They were in the dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms and green rooms. The response to the tea was terrific! (the producer’s own words) and they invited us back next year.

An Aussie launch was held at LIFE INSTYLE last month, curators of the finest and most distinct products created by design visionaries from Australia and beyond!

And here we are today lauching to you our dearest and much loved Ovvio customer.

I started the rebrand journey 2 years ago with the intention to get Ovvio ready for commercial growth, help it stand proud and tall amongst other beautiful products out there.

I also created our smart new tea tin to offer you the best vessel to store your Ovvio Organic Tea.

I hope you love them as much as I do. You can now empty your tea bags and loose leaf teas into this large tea tin or buy your favourites in tins.


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