Ovvio is the creator of beautiful, premium organic tea and it was only fitting that we create a beautiful tea towel to dry our fine China or tea wares that serve our tea. 

The tea towel originated in Britain. Made from soft linen, it was often hemmed and embroidered with beautiful designs and handed down as a family heirloom. The tea towels themselves were treated almost as delicately as the fine China. They were always washed delicately with a very mild soap, laid out to dry and carefully ironed. They were almost always included in the table display at tea time.

We have collaborated with Hemp Gallery to create for us a beautiful organic hemp and cotton tea towel. 

The Botanical Rose print is featured on our tea packaging. The rose is our founder, Anthia's favourite flower. It's look, scent and symbolism of love embodies the essence of Ovvio.

Our tea towel has double the absorbency of cotton and has natural anti-bacterial properties.



      Hemp Gallery is a private, family run business. Beatrice and Ray started Hemp Gallery in the late 90's in the hope of doing some good in the world. Hemp is the oldest textile on the planet dating back 10,000 years. Christopher Columbus sailed to America with hemp sails as did Captain Cook to Australia.  

      Our tea towel not only feels and looks beautiful but it's creation aligns with Ovvio's philosophies:

      Environmentally sustainable – Organic hemp and cotton fabric has moderate water requirements and requires little or no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

      Breathable – Organic hemp and cotton fabric breathes very well in addition to being a natural insulator due of its hollow core fibre, a characteristic shared with wool without the scratch.

      Biodegradable – Organic hemp and cotton fabric can be allowed to degrade naturally, as it leaves no toxic residue.

      Protective against UV rays – Organic hemp and cotton fabric provides the highest UV protection of any natural fabric.

      Anti-bacterial and allergy friendly – Organic hemp and cotton fabric is grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, there are no irritants for asthma or allergy sufferers. Fabrics are washed at 40°C and softened with fruit enzymes.

      Durable – Products made from organic hemp and cotton fabric last longer and wear better than those made from cotton or synthetics, offering consumers value for money since they will not need to replace products as often.

      Our tea towel is warm machine washable. Use a natural laundry liquid or powder.

      We recommend that you use this tea towel for your tea wares, fine China or glass ware but of course use it as you please. As an ornamental mat or doily for tea service or display in your kitchen as your "good tea towel".